Fusion Kit

20 pages of different fusion images. Starting with the letter A. The dimension of the image gets progressively larger as you work your way through the alphabet.

Every page includes a sentence with the highlighted letter that also has words written in red and green.

Use with Red Green Googles/not included.

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N. Memory & Near Far Fish Cards

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The Near-Far Fish Cards were developed so a child would have a distance target to look at while wearing his red/green glasses. This set contains 10 large fish cards with identical small fish cards. The child sits 4-10 feet away from the therapist with the small set of cards. The therapist will hold up a large card and the child will find the matching small card.

The memory cards game contains 40 matching cards printed in red and green. You can place these cards either face-up or down on the table and have the child match the cards. For every card printed in red there is another card with the same object printed in green. (Red green goggles not included).

Near-Far Fish Cards include:

  • 10 Large cards 
  • 10 Small cards

Memory includes

  • 40 matching cards


*This set is included in the Home Kit.