Fusion Kit

20 pages of different fusion images. Starting with the letter A. The dimension of the image gets progressively larger as you work your way through the alphabet.

Every page includes a sentence with the highlighted letter that also has words written in red and green.

Use with Red Green Googles/not included.

The RedGreen ToyBox

J. Fishing Pole & Fish

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The magnetic fishing pole is a fan favorite. Five sets of matching fish and 10 fish with unique shapes on their back.

Have the child sit on a chair with the fish spread on the floor around them. Ask them to catch the fish with the star on his back or the fish with the heart on his back with the fishing pole. Then have them see if they can find two sad whales or two scary sharks. Let them know that the floor is the ocean and they don't want to get their feet wet. The fish are laminated for durability. (Red green goggles are not included).


  • 20 fish
  • 1 magnetic fishing pole