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E. Matrix & Tangram Set

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Memory Matrix consists of 3 separate grids. Each grid comes with 12 patterned cards printed in red and green. The object of the game is to place chips on the grid, repeating the pattern from the chosen card. The cards can be held at any distance and shown for an extended amount of time depending on the desired difficulty.

The RedGreen Tangram set includes two sets of foam geometric shapes, one set in red the other green. There are 10 tangram puzzle cards of varying degrees of difficulty included. The object is to solve the puzzle using the geometric shapes, the puzzle pieces can be placed directly on the cards if needed.  (Red green goggles are not included).

Memory Matrix Includes:

  • 30 Display cards with varying degrees of difficulty
  • 2 Blank Grids
  • Red & Green Colored "Bingo" Chips

 RedGreen Tangrams Includes:

  • 5 Sheets with 2 Tangram Shapes of varying difficulty
  • 1 Set of Red Foam Geometric Shapes
  • 1 Set of Green Foam Geometric Shapes