When my daughter Alexis was three and a half years old I noticed that she would often squint when looking at things. Sometimes she would even cover one eye or put an object in front of her eye, especially when looking in the distance. I took her to my optometrist who recommended eye therapy and sent us to an optometrist who specialized in vision therapy. Alexis was diagnosed with intermittent exotropia and started vision therapy immediately.

Keeping her interested in her vision therapy was quite a challenge. A four year old really doesn't understand that her eyes aren't working quite right, and frankly I'm not sure that she cared. Our doctor suggested that I draw mazes for her with a red pencil. I thought it would be much easier to draw mazes on the computer, then I could simply print out multiple copies for her. The mazes evolved and soon I had created a paper doll with red/green outfits. She loved the doll and spent at least a half an hour a day playing with her. She didn't want to wear her red/green glasses but wasn't allowed to play with the doll unless she had them on. She loved the doll so much she would keep her glasses on and gained valuable vision therapy time.

As Ali grew bored with one activity I would create a new one. Our doctor was interested in obtaining some of the activities for his office and encouraged me to make them available for other vision therapists. So with a new passion and dream and a lot of support from my husband I quit my full-time designer job and started the Redgreen Toybox. It was founded in September 2002, approximately nine months after Ali began her own vision therapy.

My background is in graphic design. I have a bachelors in Fine Arts for BYU specializing in illustration. My most recent position was as a technical illustrator/graphic designer for Maintenance Warehouse, a Home Depot Company. Previously I had worked promoting national organizations for Trexco, as a t-shirt designer at The Screenprint Factory and as a children's portrait artist.

The Redgreen Toybox has been an adventure and a challenge. It is wonderful to work for a group of people that are so dedicated to a wonderful cause. I've met many professional, talented doctors and therapists that are making a difference in so many peoples lives. I myself am focused on the children and providing assistance for them. After all I didn't create these games to start a business, but as a mother helping her child. I would be happy to help in any way I can, and have an open door policy for any ideas or suggestions.

Ali is doing well although she is still in vision therapy. We took a break for a couple of months and her eye started to wander again. I am very thankful that we were able to get her diagnosed while she was still young and to get her the appropriate treatment. I cringe to think of the negative effects had she not been treated and started school with her vision problems. She will be starting Kindergarten this fall and I'm sure from a visual standpoint she will be fine. We are in good hands. I am very proud of her and the "work" she puts into her eye exercises.

The Redgreen Toybox offers many games and ideas to help any child with their eye therapy. Our Vision Therapy Kit contains most of the games and was created for individual children for their home therapy. Although it is wonderful in an office setting, and is available as such. We wanted other parents to have the ability to work diligently with their children on a daily basis. We are dedicated to creating more activities and toys and will bring all new ideas to you on this website.

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